Ameristep Blind Brickhouse F/R

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Ameristep Blind Brickhouse F/R

The Brickhouse™ is an ideal blind for multiple firearm hunters who need extra elbow room and solid shot variety. Versatile window openings feature both shoot-through mesh and gun ports to handle whatever angle or location your shot requires. The Brickhouse is as sturdy and dependable as its name suggests – with a rugged Spider Hub® frame that sets up easily and Durashell™ Plus fabric that provides durable protection with a matte finish. Paired with brush loops for adding natural foliage, the Brickhouse manages to stand its ground while remaining discreet.

Pack Size 6" x 42"
Height 66"
Weight 16 lbs.
Window Openings 10
Window System Silent toggles
Shell Fabric Durashell™ Plus
Footprint 55" x 55"
Shooting Width 69"