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CenterPoint Amped 425 Compound Crossbow Package - Camo

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  • AWARD WINNING: The award winning CenterPoint Amped 425 takes it to the next level in feature rich, great value crossbows. Be the hero you always wanted to be with the incredible Amped 425. Reach new levels. Shoot for the stars. Aim higher than your targets in your dreams. It is no wonder the Amped 425 was deemed as the "Award Winning" crossbow.
  • POWER: The best-selling CenterPoint crossbow, the Amped 425, squarely punches that bullseye between incredible value and powerful performance. When we say Power we mean the Amped 425. Feel the royal blood rushing through your veins while grasping the king of the crossbows.
  • DELIVERS RIPPING SPEEDS: Measuring only 12-inches axle-to-axle when cocked, it delivers ripping speeds of up to 425 fps and generates up to 153 fpe. Fast speed is the key when it comes to efficient performance. Get the best results with the lightening speed capabilities.
  • WHISPER SILENCING SYSTEM: The Amped 425 comes with the innovative Whisper Silencing System which includes string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers for the ultimate in noise reduction and vibration control. Advanced technology will make sure you get the most of your adventure. With innovative performance you are guaranteed for a great and seamless experience.
  • PERFECT FOR THE ONES WHO DESERVE IT: Perfect for those making the most of the season and those hunters who can turn even the most well-traveled trails into a successful trip and a full freezer. With the Amped 425 you are guaranteed for an adventurous expedition. C'mon roll up your sleeves and watch the magic unfold.