Man Kung 26 inch fiberglass bow arrow

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The Man Kung 26 inch fiberglass bow arrow is suitable for the following bows:

    Man Kung MK-CB006B
    ManKung MK-CB008
    Man Kung MK-CB010B
    Man Kung MK-CBK1-BK
    Man Kung MK-RB007B
    Man Kung MK-RB007AC
    Man Kung MK-RB008
    Man Kung MK-RB008AC
    Man Kung MK-RB011
    Man Kung MK-RB015
  • Length: 26 inch (66,0 cm)
  • Type of point: round point
  • Diameter: 6,9 mm
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Number of vanes: 3
  • Shaft material: fiberglass
  • Vane material: plastic
  • Point material: steel
  • Shaft color: black
  • Vane color: yellow (2) and red (1)

To pull this arrow out of the target board without any damage, we recommend using an  arrow puller.