Possible delay of your order

You may have already read it in the news: UPS is currently unable to cope with the crowds surrounding parcel deliveries. Parts of our orders are currently not picked up by UPS and delivery is delayed. It is possible that your order will also be delayed and you will continue to receive the order later than we have promised.

Return period temporarily extended to 60 days

It makes a difference in the hassle of delivery if people do not return articles via PostNL for the time being. We are therefore happy to offer you the opportunity to return your items in a quieter period. The return period for the orders is therefore temporarily extended to 60 days.

When will it be delivered?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate how much delay the orders will incur. You can track your order via your personal order status page on our website. When your order is included in the sorting process by UPS, there is a Track & Trace code on your order status page with which you can follow this package to the door.

Order status

So keep an eye on your order status page and the Track & Trace code. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any other information about the delivery via customer service, other than what is shown in the Track & Trace. If there is no Track & Trace code yet, UPS has not yet collected your order.
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