Scolia Home + Termote 2.0 + PU Surround + Board

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The Scolia Home scorekeeping unit consists of two main physical components: the camera'sand the processing unit. The processing unit calculates the score of each throw in real time using the images of the cameras. The camera's need to be attached to the Bull's Termote 2.0 Light System. In order to use the Bull's Termote Light System, you need a PU Surround. Of course you need a dartboard as well, all dartboards are okay but Scolia prefers a knife-wired professional dartboard. Scolia uses internet, scores can be shown on every internet page, meaning it can be used on a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

- Solid wall (preferably brick or concrete) with a flat surface around the dartboard
Wired Internet connection*

*The Scolia system can be used with a Powerline Adapter, if you prefer a wireless internet connection.

- Camera's
- Processing unit
- Bull's Termote 2.0 Light System Black
- Bull's Advantage PU Surround Black
- Bull's Advantage 501 Dartboard
- Power adapter
- LAN Cable (5m)
- Accessories, tools for installation

Main Functionalities
- Various Types of Games
- Play Against Computer
- Play online with friends (who also uses Scolia)
- Train online with everybody (who also uses Scolia)
- Game History
- Advanced Analytics
- Usage Monitoring
- Free Software Updates